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45 denis road

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20 main road 20 main road

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You searched Units For Rent In Makati and we located 1893 offers. Other areas where you may find rental opportunities include The Fort (Taguig), Bagbag (Quezon) or BF International (Las Pinas). Umupa na ngayon!

Condominium units are by far the most common type of accommodation in this high-rise district. Relatively high rent pays for the value of close proximity to work and other facilities, encouraging maximum use of space through construction of tall buildings. Where else can you walk to work or to the mall from your home? While not immune from flooding, Makati-dwellers are served by one of the most responsive and well-equipped local governments in the metropolis. There are a lot of options for renting out in Makati. There are the ultra-expensive condo units in the heart of Makati’s Commercial district (Makati Avenue, Arnaiz, Paseo de Roxas) and houses in Bel-Air, Urdaneta Village, Magallanes Village, San Lorenzo Village and Forbes Park. There are also less expensive ones in areas such as Kamagong and J.P. Rizal.