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Mosaic pictures created from rental room pictures

One of the things you finish with, when running a real property rental agency, is a huge database of pictures of rooms, apartments and generally all sorts of walls and roofs. As you can imagine, they are not exactly pieces for the National Gallery collections. So what to do with them? You don't leave these pics just lying around, do you?

I took a thousand of these pictures (see right handside) and toyed with them a bit using Metapixel tool. It analyzes the colors/patterns on each of the input pictures and then use them to construct an output picture of your choice. So you can have any picture of your choice reconstructed with arbitrary small images. Ahh, there's even a clever word for this process - Mosaic it's called!

See below for results of my experiments. I thought it will be fitting to portrait some of the Philippines icons and symbols as all the input pictures are of the same origin. What do you think? A national flag made of rooms for rent? Or the national sport hero?

All 3 examples are downloadable in high resolution as well, scaled conveniently for 1024x768 pixels of resolution. Ideal as a desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

Flag of the Philippines

I'm proud to be a Filipino!

Manny Pacquiao