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Essential Questions to ask before signing an accommodation lease


  1. What is the rent per month? Where and to whom do I send my rent checks?
  2. Is a security deposit or broker fee required? If so, how much is it and under what conditions is it held?
  3. Does the landlord require paying a rent a month in advance?
  4. Do you pay extra ( and if so how much?) for utilities, storage space, air conditioning, parking space, late payment of rent, etc.?
  5. Assess the maintenance services: Is there a resident superintendent? Are maintenance hours restricted? How is emergency service handled?
  6. Are there any free facilities for tenants? Gym/swimming pool/parking slot/garage?
  7. How is garbage disposal handled? Is recycling available?
  8. Is there a coin-operated washer and dryer available in the apartment building for you to use?
  9. Building lobby: is it clean and well lit? Security?
  10. Entrance and exit: Elevator? Are stairs well lit? Fire exits?
  11. What floor is the apartment on? Is it on the street level, in the basement, or a higher floor?
  12. Hallways: Clean and well lit?
  13. Are there signs of insects present?
  14. Is it fully furnished? What equipment I need to bring?
  15. Bathrooms: Clean? Plumbing in good working order? Tiles sound?
  16. Kitchen: Is sink in good working order: Stove? Refrigerator? Rice cooker?
  17. Air conditioning/Fans: Good working order?
  18. Wiring: Are there enough electrical outlets? Is the wiring sound?
  19. Windows? Are any broken? Do they all open? Storm windows?
  20. Does the apartment come with blinds, shades, or curtains on the windows or must you put up your own?
  21. Ceilings: Are they clean? Cracked? Water stained?
  22. Floors: What kind? Are they clean?
  23. Walls: Are they clean? Is the plaster cracked? Paint peeling?
  24. Telephone, Internet and TV: Outlets present? Convenient? Extra fees?
  25. Is ventilation adequate? Is there an exhaust fan in kitchen?
  26. Lighting: Is it adequate? Are fixtures in good working order?
  27. Who is responsible for repairs, including small ones?
  28. Are painting, refinishing, picture hanging, and other alterations permitted?
  29. Who is responsible for the yard?
  30. Security: Does the door have a dead bolt lock? A security chain?
  31. Storage space: Is it adequate? Kitchen and bathroom cabinets?
  32. Are pets allowed in this building? Any extra fee for pets?
  33. Does the lease indicate that the rent can be increased if real-estate taxes are raised, sewer and water assessments are hikes, or for any other reason?
  34. What is the noise level in the area around the rental unit? Traffic? Neighbors?
  35. How far is the nearest MRT/LRT?
  36. Is it a flooding area?
  37. Is there a phone number to reach the landlord or superintendent in case of an emergency?

Making Your Decision

You may not be able to find or afford an apartment with ALL the features you'd love to have. You will want to like at least some features of the apartment. Then there will be some features that you definitely must have and would not consider renting the apartment without. Choose wisely. After all, this is the place that will be your home - at least for the near future.

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